How to create a user with non interactive shell in linux

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Putting it all together. To construct the whole command, you put the options in one after another - the order does not matter - and end with the username you wish to create. So creating a user with a home directory and a customized shell would look like this: useradd -m -s /usr/bin/zsh user. And then you would add a password for the user. Jan 18, 2022 ยท When using non-interactive, non-login shell sessions (for example when a command is launched from a script): /etc/zshenv ~/.zshenv; First zsh configuration. The first time we start an interactive zsh shell session (for example by running zsh in a terminal), if no configuration files exist for our user , the zsh-newuser-install. Method1: Use chpasswd Non-Interactively Set Passwords. Using chpasswd we can set or reset login passwords for many users non-interactively. The chpasswd command reads a list of username and password pairs from standard input and uses this information to update a group of existing users. We just need to add the username & password in a text file. 2022. 6. 1. · non-login shell: A shell that is executed without logging in, necessary for this is a current logged in user. When you open a graphic terminal in gnome it is a non-login (interactive) shell. Sourced files: /etc/bashrc and ~/.bashrc for bash. interactive shell: A shell (login or non-login) where you can interactively type or interrupt commands.
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